Review: Taylor Swift’s latest albums hold Wisco roots

Taylor Swift truly blessed her fans this year by gracing two sister albums for them to enjoy: folklore and evermore. Swift is notorious for always writing or co-writing all of her songs and creating lyrical masterpieces, folklore and evermore are no exception. The albums delve into a different style for Swift, a richer, deeper, more precise album with folk melodies and gentle, soft instruments that linger in your mind long after hearing the songs.

APT Review: Holidames: Tangled in tinsel

Finding it difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year? Looking for inspiration to get that festive feeling back? Well look no further than APT’s Holidames: Tangled in Tinsel. APT’s Sarah Day, Tracy Michelle Arnold, and Colleen Madden come together to create this Christmas-inspired collection of play performances, sketches, poems, and songs. Many of these are classics that many are likely already familiar with, while some of these are brand new.

APT Review: ‘Smart People’ takes on race, sexuality, status

The issues of race and sexuality are ones that often spark strong feelings and heavy debates amongst many people across the world. These issues are, and have always been, pertinent topics to discuss and understand, especially now, as the world is becoming a more diverse, and hopefully, welcoming place. With this in mind, I was excited to watch the American Players Theatre’s performance of Lydia R. Diamond’s play, “Smart People” directed by Melisa Pereyra. This will be the last piece in their “Out of the Woods” series. Focusing on the issues of race, socio-economic status, sexuality, and identity as a whole, Diamond pieces together short scenes involving a variety of characters, as well as monologues, sometimes simultaneously. Working with the limitations posed by the Zoom format, elements such as reading stage directions aloud, adding sound effects and showing maps to set the scene, allows the audience to make sense of the direction of the play.

Announcing APT’s Holiday Shows: Double shot of Joy

For some time now, we’ve been pondering just how to bring a bit of joy into the holiday season. We knew it would need to be something special in order to let the light shine through the curtains of this strange and twisting year. Something more than just play readings (though we loved every breathless moment of those stories, as well). What we’ve come up with is a sparkling set of shows to raise your spirits, and make some serious merry.