Movie Review: Denzel Washington’s ‘The Little Things’ Found Guilty

Director John Lee Hancock’s “The
Little Things” shows us the smallest of mistakes—even a wrong split-second reaction—can change a life forever. “The Little Things” is a psychological crime drama starring Denzell Washington as Joe “Deke Deacon, a Kern County Deputy Sheriff who left his all-consuming
life as a high-profile Los Angeles homicide detective, only to be drawn back on a serial killer case that rekindles past trauma. The story takes place in 1990 and stars Rami Malek as Jim Baxter, a young, upstart detective who has replaced Deacon.

Review: Lone Rock Bistro starts regular Sunday Brunch on Valentine’s

Okay, so I sincerely doubt that Miss Antoinette actually proclaimed the peasants of the third estate should be allowed to brunch (Fun Fact: she also never said her infamous “let them eat cake” line but that’s a story for another time.) Anywhoo, I do imagine that the French monarch loved herself some brunch—something her and I would have in common.

Review: Taylor Swift’s latest albums hold Wisco roots

Taylor Swift truly blessed her fans this year by gracing two sister albums for them to enjoy: folklore and evermore. Swift is notorious for always writing or co-writing all of her songs and creating lyrical masterpieces, folklore and evermore are no exception. The albums delve into a different style for Swift, a richer, deeper, more precise album with folk melodies and gentle, soft instruments that linger in your mind long after hearing the songs.

APT Review: Holidames: Tangled in tinsel

Finding it difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year? Looking for inspiration to get that festive feeling back? Well look no further than APT’s Holidames: Tangled in Tinsel. APT’s Sarah Day, Tracy Michelle Arnold, and Colleen Madden come together to create this Christmas-inspired collection of play performances, sketches, poems, and songs. Many of these are classics that many are likely already familiar with, while some of these are brand new.