The Lower Wisconsin River Valley Sentinel is the new local news source covering arts & culture, local meetings and our larger community.

In times like these, our community needs to come together.
So, let’s build community together.

Covering Arena, Lone Rock, Plain, Spring Green and the surrounding areas.

What we stand for

Our community deserves a news source that truly
cares — Cares to reach you where you want to be
reached. Cares to stay ahead of the curve to inform
our community. Cares to cover important topics that
other journalists won’t touch. Cares to cover the
decisions of our local governments and to hold them
accountable. Cares to celebrate both our rural Driftless
identity and the arts & culture that makes our
community so extraordinary.

We believe in a model that strives to reach people wherever and however they like their news. We reject the failing, walled-garden subscription model of large, corporate newspapers. We believe that anyone who wants the news, should get the news.

Who we are

We’re a group of passionate people sharing their time
in the name of community – current and former
publication editors in chief, managing editors,
farmers, attorneys, local and county government
journalists and community organizers. Collectively, we
have nearly two decades of experience in the Lower
Wisconsin River Valley area, we believe in its
potential, and quite simply
— we care more.

P.O. Box 144, Spring Green, WI 53588
608-588-6694 – http://www.valleysentinelnews.com

Valley Sentinel is published in Spring Green, Wisconsin every Wednesday by
Lower Wisconsin River Valley Sentinel, LLC.

Editor-in-Chief: Emilie Conlon
Creative Director/Editor: Morgan Marlenga
Managing Editor: Quincy Aston-Lott
Legal Editor: Gerry Strang, esq.

Interns and Volunteers:
Amber Mueller (Graphic Design/Pagination)
Matthew L. Beyer (Editorial/Journalism/Social Media/Marketing)
Whitney Back (Graphic Design/Infographics)
Austin Keach (Sports Reporting)
Adam Meyer (Marketing/Community Relations/Video Production/Editorial)
Nicole Hansen (Social Media/Marketing/Graphic Design/Pagination/Editorial)
Adeline Holte (Editorial/Journalism)
Anna Stocks-Hess (Graphic Design/Pagination)
Jessie Zheng (Database Engineering)

Our team will be growing and changing as we settle into publishing regularly, please stay in touch.
Thank you to all of our contributors, by name and by pen, for believing in our community.

All creative and editorial inquiries: editor@valleysentinelnews.com
All advertising sales/marketing inquiries: ads@valleysentinelnews.com

Valley Sentinel is a free, weekly single-copy news publication, available on newsstands in the area. 
Covering Arena, Lone Rock, Plain, Spring Green and the surrounding areas.

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