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In times like these, our community needs to come together.
So, let’s build community together.

Covering Arena, Lone Rock, Plain, Spring Green and the surrounding areas.

Majority woman-owned and started by two 20-somethings with backgrounds in journalism in October 2020, Valley Sentinel is seeking to change how community journalism is done with a hybrid model that focuses on community engagement.

We’re a group of passionate people sharing their time in the name of community. We’re a collective of journalists and aspiring journalists and graphic designers and such from around the Driftless Area and Wisconsin that believe in this community and its potential.

We have former Managing Editors and Editors-in-Chief and more that wanted to get away from big, corporate journalism and try something else, try something new in journalism — a free newspaper during a pandemic (we must be crazy right? But we can’t think of a better time to help build community).

We’re primarily run by several young professionals trying to build a business that fosters community and create a life in a rural area that is in desperate need of workforce housing, employment opportunities and young family retention. We believe in celebrating both our rural Driftless identity and the arts & culture that makes our community so extraordinary.

Where did we come from? Well specifically we have interns that live in Spring Green and Arena, we have graphic artists going to school at UW Platteville, an editor that graduated from River Valley and another that covered Sauk and surrounding counties for several years. We’re in the community and always happy to talk, catch us running around delivering papers or invite us for a socially-distanced cup of coffee (we could always use the caffeine)!

Why ‘We Care More’? That’s a great question! We chose to invest in the River Valley community because we believe in rural journalism and the positive force it can be, we believe in this community and the arts, creativity, business, agriculture and recreation that sustains it. We believe the slogan is a representation of that more than anything else. We should all strive to care more and give back to the community, especially in times like this.

Why a free paper? Papers obviously aren’t free to print. We literally liquidated what little retirement we had from corporate media jobs, along with some savings bonds (apparently those are still a thing) to start a community newspaper because we believe in this community and it’s potential. And that’s it — no investors, no big corporate backing, just lot’s of sweat equity. We didn’t do it because we knew it would be easy, we knew it would be challenging and we’d need community support — and we can’t thank enough the warm and overwhelming community support we’ve gotten. We’re supported through advertising to keep the presses printing, so we thrive as the community thrives.

The papers are free because we believe in a model that strives to reach people wherever and however they like their news. We reject the failing, walled-garden subscription model of large, corporate newspapers. We believe that anyone who wants the news, should be able to get the news.

Our papers are always free for single-copy pick up, although we offer subscriptions for those that want to have the paper mailed or delivered. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, so we offer a subscription fund that is provided by donations and a percentage of advertising sales to make sure that everyone that wants to be an actual subscriber is able to be.

We believe it is the duty of any forward-thinking and dynamic community newspaper to assist in keeping its community informed and, to that end, to ensure that the news is available to all that seek it.

P.O. Box 144, Spring Green, WI 53588
608-588-6694 – http://www.valleysentinelnews.com

Valley Sentinel is published in Spring Green, Wisconsin every Wednesday by
Lower Wisconsin River Valley Sentinel, LLC.

Editor-in-Chief: Nicole Aimone
Managing Editor: Taylor Scott
Legal Editor: Gary Ernest Grass, esq.

Interns and Volunteers:
Anna Stocks-Hess (Graphic Design/Pagination)
Whitney Back (Graphic Design/Infographics)
Adeline Holte (Editorial/Journalism)
Nicole Hansen (Graphic Design/Editorial)
Matthew L. Beyer (Editorial/Journalism)
Adam Meyer (Editorial/Journalism)
Kalen Scott (Distribution/Photography)

Regular Contributors:
Bill Gordon (Arts & Culture/Editorial)
Alison Graves (Arts & Culture/Editorial)
Jen Salt (Arts)
Grace Vosen (Columns)
Mike McDermott (Sports)

Our team will be growing and changing as we settle into publishing regularly, please stay in touch.
Thank you to all of our contributors, by name and by pen, for believing in our community.

All creative and editorial inquiries: editor@valleysentinelnews.com
All advertising sales/marketing inquiries: ads@valleysentinelnews.com

Valley Sentinel is a free, weekly single-copy news publication, available on newsstands in the area. 
Covering Arena, Lone Rock, Plain, Spring Green and the surrounding areas.

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“Forged in Fire”

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