Interactive online community calendar coming very shortly!

Our comprehensive community calendar covers the Spring Green area, including: Arena, Lone Rock, Plain, Spring Green and the immediate surrounding areas.

We continue to build a print and online community calendar that is the go-to for both residents and visitors in planning out their trip, week, weekend or evening in our area.

Most publications don’t list paid events in their community calendar, we want to flip that script and create a community calendar that is comprehensive, including every event in one place.

All events, paid and otherwise, that meet our guidelines will be included. For more reach please consider featuring your event and/or consider an ad in print or online. Marketing is an important part of an event budget, we’d be happy to help you get the reach and engagement you’re looking for.

Questions? Email:

As we transition, please use the form below until we implement a new process and online calendar.

P.S. we’ve started a Civics & Services calendar as well!

For everyone asking “where have all the Bridge and Cribbage clubs gone?” (those go in our general community calendar, but nice try – although we’re more partial to euchre), “why won’t any young adults attend village board meetings?” and “how do I get more people at my service organization meetings?” — this is the calendar for you!

This calendar is a place listing (for free) the typical meeting dates for area governmental bodies, as well as typical/specific meeting dates for service and community organizations and participating non-profits that are seeking to get more of the community involved.

Please email us with these meetings, or use the form below and lets build community together:

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