Tortilleria Zepeda production facility officially open in Lone Rock

Tortilleria Zepeda hosted an open house at it’s Lone Rock location Wednesday, which featured tours of the production facility, fresh tortillas and unconventional twists on traditional Mexican fare. The open house allowed members of the community to tour the facility where the Heidi and Julian Zepeda produce their authentic and organic nixtamal corn tortillas, and learn more about their unique process that differs from typical, mass produced corn tortilla manufacturing. The couple also uses locally grown ingredients. The open house offered samples of their original tortillas, dressed with serrano-avocado salsa and traditional tamales. The event also offered cocoa tortillas and dessert tamales with strawberries and cream cheese. Julian also offered a fermented mesa drink that is traditional to his home area of Mexico, called Tejuino. Currently, Heidi and Julian are planning to host different social events or host classes at the location, and are considering opening monthly to offer fresh tortillas and other options.