Blue river sand barrens expansion to involve pine removal

MUSCODA—The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board met virtually on May 13th to conduct a regular monthly business meeting. The board heard a presentation from Eddie Shea, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Biologist, based in Boscobel. Shea described various habitat projects ongoing in the west half of the Riverway. Major prairie and grassland plantings will occur in the Town of Millville, Grant County, at Russell Hill and Swanson’s Ridge.

Riverway board approves battle site restoration project

MUSCODA—A somber tone was set as the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board (LWSRB) acknowledged the recent death of Crawford County representative James Czajkowski. Czajowski, a former attorney and Crawford County Circuit Court Judge, died on April 2nd. A moment of silence was observed. Mark Cupp, Executive Director, said the process of finding a replacement for Czajkowski was underway.