Business Spotlight

Wis-Coat provides Asphalt Sealcoating, Crack Filling, Striping, Patching, Gravel, Recycled Asphalt, Asphalt Paving, Parking Lot Accessories & Consulting in Western and Southern Wi. 

We do our best to provide asphalt services with “ever-changing” eco-friendly products, all while giving back to our communities wherever the situation arises. 

After 15 years in business, we look forward to continued success with a positive impact on the community around us. 

Wis-Coat has Certificates from the University of Wisconsin and the Asphalt Institute, pertaining to the Asphalt Industry. Wis-Coat is also the recipient of the 2017 WASB Business Honor Roll Award. 

Marvin, has written articles for Pavement Magazine, as well as been a speaker at the National Pavement Expo and Conference.

What does eco-friendly mean to you and why is it important?

Eco-Friendly in the Asphalt Maintenance world means minimizing our carbon footprint now, so that it doesn’t impact the future.

What products do you use that are eco-friendly?

Our main product at Wis-Coat is our pavement sealer. Through the years pavement sealers have been “Oil-Based”, “Coal-Tar Based” and “Asphalt Based”. The two first ones are harmful to the environment due to the cancer-causing carcinogens released during the application process, with trace amount found in runoff into tributaries and also trace amount found in the applicators blood stream over time. One of those products is currently banned state-wide and the other is banned starting 2021. Wis-Coat has been using “Asphalt Based”, which contains water as the main traveling agent, for over 10 years with near same success of longevity due to the additives mixed in at the production facility. The “Asphalt Based” sealer contains less than 0.05 PAH’s (Polycyclic Aromatic Compound) where the carcinogens are dispersed, the two alternative products contain over what will soon be the legal limit. When servicing pavements where children play, or pets walk, we want to make sure the surface is as safe as possible.

Are these products industry-standard or are they specifically an endeavor you chose to undertake?

The Eco-Safe products have been on the rise the last few years, we have been using them for 15 years already, and are soon believed to become the new industry standard.

Is there any industry advice you’d like to give? What should people and businesses do to maintain their pavement? And when is it time to call you?

The main advice is do do your research when picking a contractor. Choose one that is well known, certified, and insured. Asphalt should be maintained every 2-3 years in Wisconsin and your Maintenance contractor should always be available to be contacted. The best time to contact us for an estimate is early spring just as winter breaks and we are able to see the pavement clearly, as well as get to the estimate promptly.

How has COVID affected your business? Have you had to change anything about how you provide your services?

The current state of the Covid-19 hasn’t affected how we service our customers very much. We can be contacted many ways (phone, website, text, social media) and can service, or estimate, a pavement without ever seeing the customer if desired. We are fortunate as well to be a business that is outdoors, where social distancing is easy and safe. Billing can be done completely digitally as well if desired, and that has been helpful this year.

What is your proudest accomplishment/endeavor in giving back to our community?

Our proudest moment in our community was receiving the 2017 WASB Business Honor Roll award from the Wisconsin School Board and River Valley School District for our support of the schools in our local community.

How do you believe you’ve had a positive impact on the community?

This industry hasn’t always had a great reputation when it comes to contractors. It is our main hope that through our community efforts, transparency and customer relations over the years that have passed, and years to come, that the former perception will change and customers/residents have an Asphalt Maintenance contractor they can always depend on doing the right thing… whether in the community or on a driveway. We believe we have created that here at Wis-Coat and will continue to do so.