Business Spotlight

Brewhaha Roasters is a small batch, artisan coffee roaster, dedicated to providing the freshest roasts.

We use superior beans grown by farmers who practice sustainable farming methods, and provide fair and healthy conditions for their workers. We provide customized single origin coffees and blends. Brewhaha Roasters is owned by three fellas whose love of good coffee, friendship, and the perfect blend, has brought them together. Matt Snow, Pat Mahoney, and Aaron Holverson live in the beautiful River Valley area.

In addition to being Brewhaha craft roasters, we are also educators, coaches, technology consultants and band directors…creating a diverse blend in life and roasting.

We toast our local roast to each of you, in Spring Green, Wisconsin

Your motto is, “Fresh ~ Fair ~ Local,” what does that mean to you?
We are dedicated to providing the freshest roasted coffee. We do this by roasting weekly so coffee doesn’t sit too long on in our roastery or your grocery store shelf. We use superior beans, purchased directly from the farmer or an importer; grown by farmers who practice sustainable farming methods, and provide fair and healthy conditions for their workers.

What’s the origin of the name“Brewhaha”?
BROUHAHA means an overly excited reaction to something, like our
BREWed coffee. This name was originally forged by Matt and Jen Snow, the original Brewhaha creators back in 2015.

How has COVID affected your business? Have you had to change anything about how you provide your services?
Since we are primarily a coffee roaster/wholesaler; COVID actually increased our sales. We had an increase of sales at grocery stores, as our product was selling out, along with other necessities :-D. We’re guessing since the ‘safer at home’ act restricted people to working from
home, they needed their coffee, which they weren’t getting from work during this time. We also experienced an increase in online sales, requiring us to ship daily instead of weekly. Since then, it’s slowed down a little; but we’re keeping up with the demand and will gladly roast more in order to keep everyone caffeinated while working and learning remotely.

What is your proudest accomplishment/endeavor in giving back to our community?

Having a supportive community that voted us 2019 Microbusiness of the Year and has helped us grow our company large enough to work with organizations like 4PeteSake, American
Players Theater, local schools, food pantries and other smaller non-profits with donations just under $10,000 in the last few years.

How do you believe you’ve had a positive impact on the community?

We take pride in the River Valley, a place we are proud to have started and will continue to run our business. It’s our local community of friends and family that have given us the motivation and drive to produce a great product we all can be proud of. All three of the owners, Matt Snow,
Pat Mahoney, and Aaron Holverson are active in our local communities and have leveraged Brewhaha to help our local schools and organizations like 4PeteSake and American Players Theater.