Single Family housing development set for Plain

Nicole Aimone, Editor-in-Chief

Property on the south side of Plain is set to be developed for housing by the end of next year, developers and village officials hope increased housing will keep younger residents in the village. 

The 40 acre parcel of land will be developed into 47 half acre lots, and will serve as the housing development to be called Fairway Heights. 

Kevin Kraemer of Logtown Development will be working on the lots to prepare them for building such as installing roads, water and sewer lines, and said the design for those should be complete later this month. 

Kraemer said he expects to open the bidding process for early construction in February. 

Logtown Development will only be preparing the lots for building, and will not be involved in building of homes, homeowners can choose developers once the land has been purchased. 

Kraemer said he believes the development will open up opportunities for new residents of the village or provide better housing solutions for current residents. 

“Its going to give someone that wants to move into the area or is from the area and wants to build a new house, it will give them more choices,” said Kraemer. “It’s meant as a development opportunity to the village to keep some of the young talent here that might leave if they don’t have an opportunity to build a house.” 

Ray Ring, village president echoed the village’s desire to keep the village competitive in the housing market. 

“A robust, thriving community with an array of businesses is important to retaining its charm, uniqueness and services,” said Ring. “The battle that’s undermining the value of living in small towns and rural areas are reflected in the youth that live here. The lack of residential lots is one of the reasons why adult children, even mine, relocate outside of Plain.” 

Ring said that Kraemer sees the value in projects like this in the village, and has covered a large majority of the cost pertaining to the new development, making costs minimal to the village.

The village will be responsible for oversight of sewer and water placement, the types of hydrants, valves and piping used to ensure if follows village ordinances.  

“In order to thrive, the Village of Plain is fortunate to have many people that are ever willing to provide contributions that have significantly helped enhance the image and growth of the community,” said Ring. “Bottom line is that when complete it will have a very positive impact on the Village growth potential as well as incremental tax as new homes are constructed.”