Blaze Orange Board

Winners of the Blaze Orange Board were announced in the Dec. 9 edition of Valley Sentinel.

Biggest Buck

1st Place—Andy Reilley

Andy Reilly harvested this buck, a 16-pointer with an 18 inch spread and a rough score of 189, in Iowa County.

2nd Place—Spring Duffey

Spring Duffey harvested this 12-point, 23 1/2” spread, buck near Highland.

3rd Place—Faith Greene

Faith Greene harvested this buck, an 8-pointer, in Iowa County on Nov. 27

Biggest Doe

1st Place—Taylor Ferguson

Taylor Ferguson, 12, of Spring Green, bagged this 141lb does on the afternoon of Oct. 10, during her first youth hunt.

2nd Place—Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, 10, harvested his first deer, a doe, on Nov. 29 in Richland County.

3rd Place—Kaleb Dolan

Kaleb Dolan, 13, of Dodgeville, got his first ever deer on opening day, Nov. 21 on his family farm in Dodgeville. “He was able to do so with just one shot,” said his mother Krista Dolan. “He was super excited.”

Best Youth

1st Place—Charlie Tremelling
Honorable Mention for Biggest Buck

Charlie Tremelling, 15, shot this 22-point buck with a rough score of 200 3/8 opening morning, Nov. 21, in Iowa County. 

2nd Place—Gage Harwood

Gage Harwood, 8, shot his first buck, an 
8- pointer, while sitting with his dad, James, who is “very proud that both his kids enjoy hunting as much as he does.”

3rd Place—Mya Harwood

Mya Harwood, 14, of Spring Green, shot this 10-point buck on Nov. 22.

Best View

1st Place—Michael Weiss

“My son Cayson and I. He is 8 and loves joining me in the tree stand. And I love having him. I enjoy [it] more than shooting my own deer.,” said Michael Weiss, Plain.

2nd Place—Chris Nolet

“I took this photo from my deer blind on 11/24 at 7:14am in the morning between dark and daylight in the snow, everything had this blue tone,” said Chris Nolet. 

3rd Place—Ross Havlik

Ross Havlik, of Cobb, got this beautiful view in Grant County on opening day, Nov. 21.

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