Local grocery program for families in need extended to Jan. 18

Over 150 families in the River Valley area are hungry.  

That number seems really big to us, almost 10% of our population! 

The Community Food Pantry of Spring Green expects that number to increase and we want to provide some relief in what may be some very tough months ahead. 

We’ve created a ‘Local Grocery Bag’ ($29 each) filled with foods made by local producers. Already, 158 bags have been purchased for our community by people across the country, but we need help to meet our goal of 200. 

Thank you so much for your time and any help you are able to give. We appreciate it very much. Stay safe and well. 

Please reach out with any questions.

The deadline has been extended from Dec. 14 to Jan. 18, the day Enos Farms will be donating.  

The bags include:

12-pack Yellow Corn Tortillas (Tortilleria Zepeda, Lone Rock, WI)

—Black Eclipse Dry Beans (Meadowlark Organics, Ridgeway, WI)

—1 lb Raw Honey (Kissed By The Sun, Plain, WI)

—Sourdough Sandwich Loaf (ORIGIN Breads, Madison, WI)

—Organic Medium Cheddar, (Cedar Grove Cheese, Plain, WI)

—1 lb Ground Pastured Pork (Enos Farms, Spring Green, WI)

To purchase a bag, visit

—Erin and Jeremy Lynch, Enos Farms