Lands’ End assisting with Iowa County COVID-19 vaccinations

Iowa County Health Department
Lands’ End Corporate Offices

Lands’ End Comer Activity Center at the company’s Dodgeville headquarters will be converted into a COVID-19 vaccine distribution center, and will be Iowa County’s largest vaccine distribution space. (Photo via Lands’ End)

The Iowa County Health Department announced Feb. 5 it is partnering with Lands’ End to transform the Comer Center, a fitness and recreational center, at its Dodgeville, Wisconsin headquarters,  into a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic. The facility will have the capacity to vaccinate 160 people over a four hour period and will eventually be able to accommodate up to 1600 people over eight hours, making it  the largest vaccination center in Iowa County. The Iowa County Health Department began  administering vaccines, by appointment, at the Comer Center on Feb. 8 and will continue  for the foreseeable future.

“We are honored to partner with the Iowa County Health Department to take an active role in bettering the health and safety of our local Dodgeville and Iowa County communities,” said Jerome Griffith, chief executive officer, Lands’ End. “The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is a critical step toward supporting Wisconsin’s vibrant culture and business community, and we are grateful to be able to utilize Lands’ End’s facilities to help fight the pandemic.” 

“Iowa County is incredibly grateful for this partnership. This space allows for a much larger number of  people who can be immunized, helping us get to our goal of achieving robust vaccine uptake. The use of  this space will have a direct and favorable impact to the health of Iowa County residents. In a word, it is  extraordinary and once again, we cannot convey how appreciative we are,” said Debbie Siegenthaler,  Director/Health Officer, Iowa County Health Department.  

Vaccines at Lands’ End will be administered by the Iowa County Health Department with the support of  Iowa County Emergency Management and the broader community. “A clinic of this size requires  enormous planning and operational support. The partnership with Iowa County Emergency Management  has been critical. Furthermore, we could not operate without hiring several vaccinators and recruiting  many volunteers. We are grateful for the outpouring of interest and support from the community,” added Siegenthaler.  

If you would like to be an Iowa County Vaccination Site volunteer visit and click the  “Volunteers: Vaccine Clinic” on the red scrolling banner. As we move forward through the vaccination  process and more vaccine becomes available, we will need additional help at the clinic site to enable us to  increase our vaccination capacity.  

To date, vaccine administration has focused on those in Phase 1. The Iowa County Health Department has  been holding clinics since January 7th at the Health and Human Services Center at 303 West Chapel Street  in Dodgeville. Last week, the Health Department began administering vaccine to those 65 years and  older. 

“We appreciate the community’s patience as we work to vaccinate people as vaccine supply allows. The  amount of vaccine we receive each week continues to be limited and we expect this to be the case for a  few more weeks”, stated Siegenthaler. “We are very excited that as soon as more vaccine is allocated to  us, we will be ready to quickly scale up,” added Siegenthaler. 

In Iowa County, if you are eligible for a vaccine as described in Tier IA or age 65+, you can contact the  Iowa County Health Department at or call 608-930-9870.  

In Iowa County, patients of Upland Hills Health and SSM Health/Dean Clinics also have the option to visit  the Upland Hills website to sign up on their waiting list for their clinics, which are separate from the Iowa  County Health Department Clinic at Lands’ End. You can also check out any health care provider’s  website for details on how they are distributing vaccine. Please remember, vaccine quantities are limited  and clinics are typically scheduled when vaccine quantities are known.