Wisconsin’s Path Forward: Agriculture, Considine follow-up on Governor’s release

Rep. Dave Considine, D-Baraboo

MADISON – Feb. 5 Governor Evers announced his budget priorities for agriculture. Rep. Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) is the ranking member on the Assembly Committee on Agriculture. After the announcement, Rep. Considine issued the following statements:

“Wisconsin has a long history of being an agricultural leader. Governor Evers’ announcement is a crucial step in guaranteeing our future will be strong too. As a former farmer and the ranking member on the Assembly Committee on Agriculture, I know how important these investments will be for our agricultural economy. Our producers are the backbone of our rural communities. Our processors are steadfast in their commitment to their consumers and community members.

“During the past year, producers and processors have put in innumerable hours to ensure our food supply chain didn’t break. Due to hardworking Wisconsinites, we didn’t see mass euthanasia like many other states did. This is just one of the many reasons that these investments are not only needed, but overdue. Our agricultural economy is self-sustaining and strong, but targeted investments can increase our capacity for meat processing, job creation, and exports.

“I advocate for rural communities and am proud to support these budget initiatives. Just a few of the important investments announced today include supporting meat processors, farmer mental health, dairy processors, small farm diversity grants, farm business consultations, and UW-Extension. I know that these investments will provide opportunities for growth in our agricultural economy. I am proud to stand with Governor Evers in support of our producers and processors. I look forward to the full introduction of the budget on February 16th.