Art from around the Valley: ‘The last drop of frozen sunshine’

Painting via Jen Salt

One late afternoon in February, as the sun was about to disappear behind the distant treeline, I noticed a bright “spark” outside of my painting desk window on the patio. There, a once-snow covered branch that morning grew icicles as the temperatures warmed considerably during the afternoon sunlight. The setting sun had ignited the spark of brilliant light that fractured and became prism-like within the icicles.

I captured that momentary event on my camera and couldn’t wait to art the image! Prismacolor pastels and pencils are the mediums used in this piece as I felt that the white chalklike pastel value would give me the purest light possible for that spark.

Jen Salt, Contributor

Jen Salt is an artist who lives in a place she calls “Crow’s Lair Cottage”-just outside of Spring Green where she’s lived for five and a half years. “The Wisconsin River was the draw to move here and I’ve never looked back, coming from a big city. This is home.”