Pot-belly pig goes on weekend adventure through Clyde

Nicole Aimone, Editor-in-Chief

A pot-belly pig went on a grand adventure through the town of Clyde this weekend, befriending neighborhood cattle on its way.

On Sunday morning, Town Clerk, Deanna Brennum sent out an email questioning if someone was missing a pot-belly pig. Brennum witnessed the animal during her morning walk, where she saw it mingling with a neighboring farm’s cattle.

Brennum described the pig as about 25 pounds, wagging its tail and seemed friendly.

“I was just in shock as he seemed so at home in a place that was definitely not his home,” said Brennum. “It was something out of the story of Charlotte’s Web. The proud pig was quite enamored with the black steer and was prancing along side of it with his head in the air and his little tail just wagging. The steer would head butt the pig and the pig would head butt it back.”

Around 9 p.m. Brennum sent a follow up email saying the owners had been located, and collected from his four to five mile adventure. The animal owners brought the family dog to collect it, because the pig would respond to the dog’s presence.