Considine: Governor Nelson, Milli Zantow, and Earth Day

Rep. Dave Considine, D-Baraboo

Rep. Dave Considine

Wisconsin’s former Governor and U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day as a day for Americans to speak out about preserving the environment and the crises that our fragile environment faces. This year as we’re beginning to return to “normal” from COVID-19 I encourage you to observe and participate in an Earth Day celebration. This may include a masked and socially distanced park clean up, planting something in your garden, taking a walk to discover native plants, or learning about recycling.

Did you know that Sauk County’s own Milly Zantow invented plastic recycling? She saw an issue with tossing plastic in the landfill when it doesn’t decompose for centuries. Not only was that wasteful but it became cost-prohibitive for municipalities who didn’t have unlimited landfill space. To solve this problem she created a plastic recycling company where she ground up plastics for reuse. Eventually she came up with the idea to number the bottom side of plastic containers to make it easier for everyone to sort and recycle the different types of plastic.

Governor Nelson, Milli Zantow and many other Wisconsinites have made history by revolutionizing the fight to protect our environment. Maybe this year more history will be made by someone like you! As you see problems in our community, feel free to bring them to my attention. I am happy to partner with you to make change. For example, I am working on a recycling bill right now that would create a bottle deposit and refund system in our state. Over time this would eliminate waste and could reduce distributor costs. I am also working on bills regarding sustainable agriculture practices so that farmers can continue to lead the conversation on conservation.

If you are interested in getting involved in protecting the environment I encourage you to research ways to get involved in your local and statewide organizations. You may also reach out to me at any time at or at (608)266-7746. I always enjoy hearing from you.

Dave Considine represents the 81st District in the State Assembly. The 81st District includes Baraboo, Sauk City, Prairie du Sac, Portage, and many other communities. His office can be reached at (608) 266-7746 or via email at