Spring Sports Preview: Girl’s Soccer

The River Valley High School spring sports season officially kicked off on April 19—with a later start and a shorter season than usual due to COVID-19.

Valley Sentinel reached out to the coaches of RVHS spring sports with questions regarding the upcoming season and how COVID-19 has affected their teams. Below are their responses so far. Valley Sentinel will provide updates in print and online as we hear back from coaches.

A team photo of the RVHS 2021 Girls Soccer Team. Photo via Todd Deibert, RVHS Girls Soccer Coach

Below are responses from Girl’s Soccer Coach, Todd Deibert.

VS: What should the community be looking forward to while watching this season?
TB: Soccer is a great game and it is growing in popularity in the River Valley area. We’ve got a growing youth program with some really dedicated coaches and soccer association board members. I am hoping that we can get more girls involved in the youth program so they can develop into strong High School players.

VS: Any breakout athletes to watch? Should we expect to see any River Valley athletes at State contests this spring sports season? What are you most excited about regarding this season?
TB: A few players to keep an eye on are Svea Youngquist, Leah Deibert, and Kylie Morrey. Svea is a high energy player and will do well in the midfield.

Leah is a strong player no matter where she is on the field. I expect that she and Kylie will team up to score a lot of goals this season. Emily Noble and Sophia Sanftleben have limited previous soccer experience, but have really impressed me so far in practice. I also expect solid play from our two seniors, Starr Camacho and Anna Deibert.

VS: What are some of your goals for the season?
TB: Some of our goals this season include playing as a team, building each other up, scoring some goals and winning some games.

VS: What are you most excited about regarding this season?
TB: I am most excited about seeing the progress the girls make this season. They are a hardworking group. I think all of their hard work is going to show as we progress through the season.

Girls Soccer Scores
May 4, 2021

River Valley 4, Galena 0
Goals – Emily Noble (2), Leah Deibert (2)
Assists – Kylie Morrey (3), Leah Deibert (1)
Saves – Vivian Jensen, RV (10); Emilee Rodriguez, Galena (9)