Art from around the Valley: Jen Salt’s Mother’s Day

Painting via Jen Salt

A few years ago I spent some time on the Rod and Loraine Anding farm in rural Arena near Coon Rock. I had asked if I could take photos of their beautiful white faced horned herefords, as I was interested in animal subjects for my future paintings.

I’m not sure if this breed of cattle is generally known for their gentle disposition but these cows were very happy to have the freedom to graze amongst the various plants and flora in the woods there on the farm. Seeing these beautiful animals, so well cared for and respected by the Andings made me feel so grateful for this opportunity to visit their homestead and learn a few things about herefords, chickens, horses and Prince, the English Shepherd family dog.

The oil painting entitled “Mother’s Day” was taken from a photo that day. I almost felt as though they were posing for me.

Jen Salt, Contributor

Jen Salt is an artist who lives in a place she calls “Crow’s Lair Cottage” – just outside of Spring Green where she’s lived for five and a half years. “The Wisconsin River was the draw to move here and I’ve never looked back, coming from a big city. This is home.”