Valley Sentinel’s community calendar is changing — what you need to know, how to submit events

Our community calendar is changing! We’re building a print and online community calendar that we hope will become your go to for planning out your weekend or seeing what events are happening this evening in the area. From live music to art classes and more, we want to provide a central resource for the community to look to.

From our experience in the field, most publications don’t list paid events in their community calendar, we want to flip that script and create a community calendar that is comprehensive, including every event in one place.

This is a soft launch. Many of the events this week have been aggregated from elsewhere, with some businesses already taking advantage of our online form. We will be transitioning to a new format online and in print. As we transition, please use the form online or email us until we implement a new process and online calendar. To submit events go to or use the helpful tab on our site menu.

All events, paid and otherwise, that meet our guidelines will be included. Of course, for more reach please consider featuring your event and/or consider an ad in print or online. Marketing is an important part of an event budget, we’d be happy to help you get the reach and engagement you’re looking for.

If you would like to explore paid advertising options with Valley Sentinel to give your event a boost, visit our advertising page:, email or call us at 608-588-6694. We will also be offering a business card sized listing in print with a picture and extended event information prominently in the community calendar if you’d like to include an event in our featured events on the community calendar for $25.

Some helpful guidelines for sending your event to Valley Sentinel to be featured in print (online coming soon):

Events that we do not publish

The community calendar is curated specifically to provide a benefit for our readers and viewers. As a result, not all events are published and we reserve the right not to publish any submitted event. The following types of events go beyond the scope and mission of Valley Sentinel’s community calendar, and will not be published in print or online:

  1. Events outside Valley Sentinel’s coverage area (roughly the Arena, Lone Rock, Plain, Spring Green, + 15 miles)
  2. Passive benefits (e.g “Eat at This Restaurant and % of your bill will benefit This Organization” – we’re happy to help get the word out about these in other ways)
  3. Events that are not open to the public
  4. Support groups (we are actively considering how to include these in a centralized place, Voice of the River Valley has a good list in print and we encourage you to pick up a copy)
  5. Food or drink sales/discounts
  6. Campaign-style promotions for a business’s usual services, although there are some exceptions (e.g. Classes, workshops, fitness/yoga classes, and many kids events etc.)
  7. Sales, although there are some exceptions (e.g., library book sales, neighborhood garage sales)
  8. Events with an expired registration date

Editorial or advertising inquiries

Editorial: If you would like to pitch an article idea about your event (or anything, for that matter), you should talk to one of our editors. Feel free to email or call us at 608-588-6694.

Advertising: If you would like to explore paid advertising options with Valley Sentinel to give your event a boost, visit our advertising page: