Waterfowl go for a stroll near Wilson Creek Pottery

Photo via Wilson Creek Pottery

Lucy and Poncho, a duck and goose duo from a neighboring farm went for a stroll down Highway WC near Wilson Creek Pottery last week. The waterfowls are new to the Valley and were captured and returned to their owners. The duo got their names from a follower of Wilson Creek Pottery.

“I came across these two near a neighbor’s house. I thought they were a DIFFERENT neighbors so I called her and she came out with her daughter to wrangle them. They were NOT hers, so she checked in with ANOTHER neighbor and they were not hers either. So it was finally discovered that they belonged to the neighbors closest to where they were found, but were walking away from that house. They are new animals it seems to the Valley so I guess this was their way of getting to know the neighborhood. Very cute, and those names are definitely what we’ll be calling them from now on,” shared Wilson Creek Pottery.