Plain plans for parade, street dance and approves various annual liquor licenses

Nicole Aimone, Editor-in-Chief

The Village of Plain met for its regular, monthly meeting June 8 where the board approved a parade, a dance and various liquor licenses within the village. 

Plain Village Hall
Plain Village Hall

The village approved a parade on July 25 along with a street dance on Alma Avenue on July 23 or July 25, the date will be determined by organizer Ashley Busse later. The parade will follow the same route the Three Day Festival typically uses. 

Wristbands will be sold to enter the street dance on Alma Avenue, the board approved alcohol within the barricades of the dance and different colored wristbands will be given to minors. 

The board voted to approve Class B liquor licenses for the American Legion, I-Diehl Tap, Rings Bar and Sam’s Place. Class B licenses cover hard liquor to be served on the premises. 

A Class A Beer and Class A Intoxicating Liquor license was issued to Plain One Stop. This type of license allows for beer and hard liquor to be sold as retail to be consumed off-site. 

A Class A Intoxicating Liquor license was also granted to Country Crossroads Floral and Gifts and Plain Kwik Stop. 

The newly granted licenses will be effective July 1, 2021 until June 30, 2022. 

The first order of business on the agenda for the board was to run through various committee reports, first up was Trustee Steve Whitford with Streets and Utilities. Whitford reported the road work on Nachreiner Avenue is going well and on schedule, last week crews began working to repair driveways and sidewalks. Whitford also reported the state will be doing resurfacing work on Highway 23 and Highway B at the end of June. 

Trustee Merry Lynn Riek thanked staff and attendees for attending the playground dedication on June 6, which had about 30 attendees. Riek also reported that the Recreation program is working on setting up a garden near the park. 

Riek reported the Fire Board offered the position for EMS Chief to Tracey Brent, who accepted the position. 

Former EMS Chief Kay Feiner stepped down as chief but will remain as an EMT in the village. 

Trustee Briain Brey reported that seeding has begun at the village golf course, and Nick Ruhland, a village public works employee, is investigating which trees will be planted in the new acreage the golf course gained due to boundary changes from the new subdivision being built next to the golf course. 

The library had 806 visitors and 1,442 checkouts in the month of May, reported Trustee Kelly Yanke. 

Trustee Melissa Marx reported the village pool had a busy opening weekend starting June 4, with 348 visitors and 29 pool passes sold that weekend. Water aerobics started June 6, and will be Monday-Thursday’s at 5:15 p.m. 

Police Chief Mike Stoddard reported that Spring Green has hired one new full-time officer as well as hired retired Sauk County Deputy Eric Miller. 

The board first approved a resolution giving support and asking the State to provide a controlled intersection and a reduced speed limit on State Highway 23.