Shitty Barn session preview: With phenomenal ‘Carving Canyons’ indie-folk artist Lissie brings heartbreak, rebirth to forefront

Adeline Holte, Editorial Intern

Midwestern artist Lissie, who is releasing new album “Carving Canyons” September 15 and will be in Spring Green August 31. Photo by Lili Peper.

“It’s allowed to hurt; I’m allowed to burn.” Midwestern Folk artist Lissie sings gently on her recent single: “Flowers.” With a soft yet melancholy tone, Lissie allows her strong, smoky voice to carry listeners to another world almost: a world of heartbreak and rebirth.

Lissie’s full album, “Carving Canyons,” coming September 16 promises folksy, emotional songs with sounds reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, and even resembles a little bit of Taylor Swift’s folk album, “folklore.” With three singles currently released from the album, “Sad,” “Night Moves,” and “Flowers,” listeners are engulfed in strong lyrics, engrossing vocals, and melodies that leave the songs stuck in your head in the best ways: the ways that make you want to listen to her music over and over again.. 

Midwestern artist Lissie, who is releasing new album “Carving Canyons” September 15 and will be in Spring Green August 31. Photo by Lili Peper.

Whether or not indie-folk is your thing, you are sure to find appreciation in Lissie’s music. Her voice is strong yet soothing, and her music brings a sense of nostalgic sadness, always hinted with a silver lining, or a light at the end of the tunnel. This is not Lissie’s first rodeo, however, with years of music under her belt, she is a well-rounded musician, and a seasoned live performer. Her rendition of the oft-covered Fleetwood Mac ballad “Dreams” is a shining light that will give you shivers among covers that often fail to measure up.

Lissie recently announced that she is going on a North American tour and will be making stops throughout cities in the U.S. – including our very own Spring Green. She will be performing on August 31 at the Shitty Barn (506 E Madison St, Spring Green) with doors opening at 6 p.m. and the show at 7 p.m — a show that is sure to bring on all the exciting, deep feelings evoked by her phenomenal music.

For those hoping to see Lissie at the Shitty Barn, you might be out of luck – advance tickets are sold out. That said, tickets often come up that people can’t use. Check the Shitty Barn’s website and socials for the latest details on ticket availability.  

A breakup song at its core, lead single “Flowers” explores the cycles of grief and the parallels Lissie saw in nature while gardening on her farm as she processed that grief. Co-written with Henry Brill and Bre Kennedy who also contributes vocals, you can just about feel the sunny breeze roll in as she builds power from pain with the expansive track. “The prettiest blooms literally come from shit, it’s a fertilizer,” she says while talking about the song’s lyrical themes. “I wanted to claim my right to feel my feelings. As I grieved—not only for a relationship, but for the world in the midst of a pandemic—I felt like my anger made people uncomfortable, but I came out the other side empowered and ready to step back into my light. I can grow my own flowers and make my own joy.”