Letter to the Editor: Sale of school forest doesn’t match district values

As a River Valley resident since 2003, I have always admired our community for striving to support the common good. Here, actions match values. Whether it’s the community coming together at 4PeteSake, confronting racism when we find it, supporting the arts, or sustaining The River Valley School Fair, we strive to live our values. Most communities do not have the courage or conviction to make these same choices.

Letter to the Editor: Wisconsin voter fraud, Responses

Letter to the Editor: Wisconsin voter fraud
Dear Editor, after reading your January 20 issue I once again feel the need to respond! It seems that all of media always covers only the stories that seem to lean in favor of democrat viewpoints, even though the majority of states are populated by republicans except for the big cities. It’s also the big democrat controlled big cities where known election fraud has gone on for decades.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you to Music Booster supporters

The Music Boosters Committee would like to thank everyone who participated and helped with the Culver’s gift card fundraiser in December 2020. We would especially like to thank Robin Fortier, the owner of Culver’s in Spring Green, for generously donating 15% of the gift card money to the Music Boosters. The fundraiser was a huge success with the money raised going to the River Valley High School Choir and Band members for scholarships, music related trips, camps, seminars among other music activities for the students.