Letter to the Editor: Constant dissent in village of Arena, Response

Dear Editor,

Every week, week after week, we read about the Arena Village Board and the constant dissent that is prevalent in all their actions. Trustees keep resigning, and no-one can be persuaded to run for their positions.

What’s going on?

The most notable thing we have found in speaking with the residents and reading the local news is that every controversy seems to have one name attached to it: Paul Pustina. In almost every report, if the board is for a measure, Pustina is opposed or vice versa.

Recently there was a brat fry at the Crappie Shop to raise money for an accessible ramp at the fish pond in West Park. Before that happened, we spoke with the owner of the Crappie Shop, who donated, along with other private donors, all the food and fixings to make the event a success. This is really a cause that everyone would and should support. Why, then, if Mr. Pustina had “concerns”, didn’t he just go and talk to the owner? He wouldn’t have had to stir the pot at the board meeting (again).

We know from personal experience that the Village Clerk, DaNean Naeger, is very conscientious and professional. For some reason, Mr. Pustina takes issue with everything she does. Kate Reiman is the duly elected Village President, and yet Mr. Pustina questions everything she says and does. Is this retaliation because he lost the election?

At a recent board meeting, an Amplified Device Permit extension of hours (from 9pm to 11pm) for outside music was requested by Tara Hill for her private event venue for an upcoming wedding. Having the mostly empty commercial property generation revenue again seems like a good option for the Village. But Mr. Pustina, who lives nearby objected. (From what we hear he objected loudly and often). We also live nearby and have no problem with events like those Ms. Hill proposes.

Mr. Pustina appears to be an obstructionist. Our question is: WHY? What is his motive for creating all this turmoil in the Arena?

—Kevin and Kristen Shea


Dear Editor,

My reply is this: We’re all entitled to our opinion. The statement in the editorial beginning with, “From what we hear”, doesn’t make for a strong opinion. You can make your opinion stronger by listening to both sides of any issues. I’m available by phone, email or face to face to answer any questions anyone may have. I do adhere to social distancing recommendations in the case of face to face conversations.

—Paul Pustina