Letter to the Editor: Don Greenwood

Dear editor, 

I enjoyed and appreciated your editorial in last week’s Valley Sentinel. I had a very similar approach when I was an editor. Give people accurate information. Be fair. Be truthful. And assume most readers are intelligent enough to connect the dots and make up their own minds. As you know already, community journalism is time-consuming, at times agonizing and at other times rewarding. 

And as soon as you put one week’s edition to bed, the next week begins. 

People used to say to me: “I don’t know how you can go to meetings night after night and then cover community events on weekends, and then write about and photograph everything.” 

My usual response was, “I understand what you are saying. If I didn’t love this job, I would probably hate it.” 

I hope you continue to love your work. Congratulations on the successful launch of the Valley Sentinel. I look forward to seeing the paper develop further with each new edition.  

I was also glad to read that you had a cold, not Covid. Stay well. 

Peace and truth, 

Don Greenwood  

Spring Green