Letter to the Editor: Santa does indeed enjoy Lake Louie Brewing

Lake Louie set out with cookies for Santa. (Photo by Robin Shepard)

In response to a column published in last week’s Valley Sentinel speculating about Santa’s Christmas Eve stops at breweries in Wisconsin, Lake Louie Brewing submitted the following letter to the editor. 

Dear Editor, 

You’re not reading NORAD’s Santa tracking website wrong, Jolly Old Saint Nick didn’t stop at the Arena brewery this year. He got word that all Lake Louie beers are now produced a few miles away at Wisconsin Brewing Company in Verona. Santa’s typical stop at the Pine Road brewery in the past has included a sometimes not-so-smooth landing on the frozen ¼ acre pond outside the brewery. It’s made for a slippery landing in the past but nothing ol’ Kris Kringle and his reindeer can’t handle. The past three years, we’ve left out cookies with our tasty Louie’s Reserve limited release scotch ale. Santa always had a couple, two, t’ree (as we say in Wisconsin) of our special release brew. More than once he needed a hand getting back into the sleigh after those Louie’s Reserves. 

Ellen Weiler, Sales Manager 
Wisconsin Brewing Company and Lake Louie