Letter to the Editor: Thank you to Music Booster supporters

Dear Editor,

The Music Boosters Committee would like to thank everyone who participated and helped with the Culver’s gift card fundraiser in December 2020.  We would especially like to thank Robin Fortier, the owner of Culver’s in Spring Green, for generously donating 15% of the gift card money to the Music Boosters.  The fundraiser was a huge success with the money raised going to the River Valley High School Choir and Band members for scholarships, music related trips, camps, seminars among other music activities for the students.  

With the ever increasing budget cuts, the music programs are becoming more reliant on the Music Boosters to help fund various activities. The River Valley Music Boosters provide support to all music programs of the River Valley Area School District.  The boosters provide financial support, scholarships, fundraising opportunities, and volunteers for various aspects of the music program. Volunteers do such things as chaperoning trips, assisting with fundraising, helping to plan behind the scenes and assist at musical events.

The River Valley Music Boosters are dedicated to the continued support of the River Valley School District music students. We appreciate the support of the dedicated volunteers and welcome others to become involved. We invite you to join us at our monthly meetings, where the time, date and location are posted on the school website.

 The Committee is excited to announce our annual Calendar Raffle fundraiser coming up in the middle of February with 23 different days to win prizes in March, ranging from $25 to $100, with 5 chances to win $100! Each calendar is only $10 each. If any businesses or individuals are interested in buying calendars please contact the River Valley High School or email the Music Boosters at RVMusicBoosters1@gmail.com.  The River Valley Music Booster Committee appreciates the community support it has received and hope that the newest fundraiser will be successful as well. 

Thank you,  

—River Valley Music Booster Committee