Letter to the Editor: Truth in food labeling legislation

Dear Editor,

As an owner and Master Cheesemaker at Klondike Cheese Company in Monroe, I am thankful to see State Senator Howard Marklein re-introducing his Truth in Food Labeling legislation to promote dairy product protections in our state.

At Klondike Cheese Co., all of our products contain real dairy milk, and we’re proud of it. Real dairy products, like the award winning cheese crafted at Klondike Cheese Co., is not only delicious – but also an outstanding source of protein, calcium, vitamins, zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin. The dairy imitators that are promoted with misleading packaging often only offer a fraction of these nutritional benefits.

Our community members deserve to clearly know what is in the food they buy, yet oftentimes companies misrepresent the actual contents of their food. Senator Marklein’s bill will protect the consumer from deceptive food labeling so that they can clearly know when cheese is real cheese.

I know Howard was raised on a dairy farm in Spring Green and has continuously advocated for rural issues in the Legislature. I am grateful for his work promoting this Truth in Food Labeling legislation so that people know when they are buying genuine dairy products here in the cheese state.

Dave Buholzer
Master Cheesemaker
Klondike Cheese Co.
Monroe, WI