FLOW volunteers clean up leftover demolition debris on BLM island near Arena

Photos via FLOW

Friends of the Lower Wisconsin River (FLOW) along with Department of Natural Resources Warden Dave Youngquist met to clean up debris from a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) island upriver from the Arena boat landing, on Saturday.

The island was cleared by a barge and contractor of the two buildings inhabiting the island, one of which was falling into the river, this time last year.

Youngquist said during a clean up last year, volunteers found a Volkswagen Bus full of roofing shingles, and multiple sand-point wells. What remained on the island includes some garbage and pieces of glass.

This year, Timm Zumm, FLOW director, estimates a few dozen bags of garbage and debris was collected this weekend. The group found some scrap sheet metal and a steel wheel and rubber tire.

Photo via FLOW