Richland county, town of Spring Green to receive expanded broadband

Nicole Aimone, Editor-in-Chief

Various utility companies in Richland County and one in the town of Spring Green were recently awarded Public Service Commission (PSC) grants to expand access to high-speed internet in rural areas.

Four projects in Richland County and one in Sauk County was awarded a total of $2.1 million.

In the town of Spring Green, Reedsburg Utility Commission (RUC) was awarded $334,000 to extend 30 miles of gigabit fiber in the northeaster part of the township. RCU estimates that 166 households will be served by the broadband, and at least 10 businesses, including Wilson Creek Kennels, Nature’s Own Taxidermy, Usonian Inn and Spring Green Motel.

To view eligibility for this project and to get on an initial construction list for services visit, by June 1.

“We are now accepting construction forms and payments,” said Tara Leege, Marketing Specialist for RUC. “The deadline to get on the initial construction list and take advantage of pre construction pricing is June 1, 2020.”

RUC will be expanding gigabit fiber in Bear Valley on 25 miles of roadway on Highway 130. The project will cost $860,000, with grant funds of $327,000.

The Richland Telephone co-op plans to lay 50 miles of main fiber optic in rural areas of Richland county on Highway 80, the fiber will serve 225 locations. The project will cost approximately $1.7 million, with grant funds covering $690,000.

A second project from Richland Telephone co-op includes laying 18 miles of main fiber optic lines between Highway 14 and Highway 56 in Richland County, covering 145 locations. The project will cost $1.2 million, and the grant will offer $500,000.

Tech Com, Inc received $323,000 in grant funds to lay 18 miles of main fiber optic along Highway 80 to Highway Z in Richland County. This will include an area of County Highway A to Highway 56 and Highway 14. The project is expected to cost $685,000.