RV Trap first in the conference

Photo by Kimberly Crook, Contributor

RV Trap Shooting finished 1st in the top conference for the Spring 2021 season. With a total of 59 shooters, we had 5 finish in the Top 100 for the State: Joseph Day, Jaydon Rose, Sam Cady, Gaige Dilley and Joshua Crook.

Finishing in the Top 25 for Conference for females are: Hannah Hegland, Kennedy Kropp, Taya Hatfield, Alexa Eveland, Ella Hillebrand, Mia Peterson and Emma Anding. For males: Joseph Day, Jaydon Rose, Sam Cady, Gaige Dilley, Joshua Crook, Hayden Garrelts, Dylan Luther, Chase Bindl, Eli Muckler, and Garrett Palmer. Hannah Hegland placed 3rd in the female division for our conference.

Pictured, Bottom Row – standing left to right: Kadin Larson, Alex Orth, Gaige Dilley, Hayden Garrelts, Dylan Luther, Joshua Crook, Jackson Gilbert, Heston Amble, Jaydon Rose, Cole Amble, Joseph Day, Sam Cady, Kennedy Kropp, Colton Box

Second Row – standing left to right: Colin Stokes, Hunter Spencer, Wyatt Nachreiner, Brady Bloedow, Andrew Maxwell, Hudson Frey, Griffi n Sprecher, Chase Bindl, Grady Graham, Mia Peterson, Evan Alt, Alexa Eveland, Luke Pape, Eli Muckler, Ethan Alt, Ashton Hillebrand, Richard Gilbert, Mason Peterson, Talan Miller, Colton Johnson, Gavin McCauley, Blake Busse, Ethan Hillebrand, Cooper Fields, Eli Johnson, Sam Pape, Conner Fields, Alya Schwarz, Austin Accola, Katherine Billhorn, Aaron Fredrick, Garrett Palmer

Top Row – standing left to right: Lucas Palmer, Luke Alt, Nolan Box, Ty Larson, Colin Vanhorn, Hannah Hegland, Taya Hatfield, Ella Hillebrand, Emma Anding

Not pictured: Kaitlyn Sebranek, Jace Noble, Isaac Ravenscroft, Matthew Roh