Art from around the Valley: Jen Salt’s “Cat Nap” will melt your heart

Painting via Jen Salt

My favorite cat, Louisa posed for this painting……she loved her naps.

SHE “found” ME at a farmer’s market while I stopped by for tomatoes and potatoes. I was reluctantly taken in hand by two adorable little boys and coerced into checking out a huge toilet paper box full of six tiny fluffy kittens. Uh oh. There was Louisa, a perfect tiger tabby and the smallest of the bunch. We bonded immediately.

In the car, on the way home from the market, she perched herself on my shoulder and meowed. After that, she rarely ever left my side and always chose to sit on my shoulder, especially when I was painting at my art table.

She was the perfect “English Door” cat that welcomed everyone into our home. After guests would admire her beauty and sweet personality, she would curl up and snuggle next to one lucky person. She had a good long life.

Moral of the story, keep an open mind when shopping at your local farmer’s market here in town. You may come home with more than tomatoes and potatoes……if you’re lucky. “Cat Nap” is a very small 6” x 6” oil painting of Louisa Claire.

Jen Salt, Contributor

Jen Salt is an artist who lives in a place she calls “Crow’s Lair Cottage” – just outside of Spring Green where she’s lived for five and a half years. “The Wisconsin River was the draw to move here and I’ve never looked back, coming from a big city. This is home.”