RV trap team takes home the Division 2A state title

Photo by Kimberly Crook, Contributor

The River Valley Trap Team won the Division 2A State Title June 13 in Rome, Wisconsin. River Valley’s score of 485 edged out West Salem’s team by one point to take the title. Clear Lake’s team finished third with 482.

RV’s Hannah Hegland won the varsity female state champion title with a score of 97.

Each competitor shoots at 100 clay targets broken down into 4 different 25 target rotations. The team title is determined by the 5 best individual scores within each classified level, which include Novice, JV and varsity. The classifications are then broken down into female and male.

RV individual scores include: Andrew Maxwell 98, Hannah Hegland 97, Chase Bindle 97, Joe Day 97, Jaydon Rose 96, Cole, Amble 95, Gaige Dilley 95, Evan Alt 94, Josh Crook 93, Dylan Luther 92, Garrett Palmer 90, Lucas Palmer 90, Sam Cady 90, Colton Box 90.